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SKU: S121
*CUSTOM BAG* - 18" x 27" x 17.375", 6 Gauge Clear Phthalate Free Vinyl with Cold Crack & 100 Gram PPNW Black, Black #5 Nylon Zipper Around Bottom (3) Sides with POM Puller, Clear Sewn Phthalate Free Vinyl with Cold Crack Seams Vinyl Only, PPNW Sewn Seams All Others, (1) Inside Pocket Running the Length of the Bottom of the Bag from Seam to Seam; Height of Pocket is 8.5" High, 1-Color Approximate 15" x 6" Warning Text & Grasp Handle Graphic, (2) 0.25" Die Cut Holes on Back Panel; 1" From Sides; 8.5" Below Top; 0.25" Die Cut Hole on Back Panel Next to Where Zipper Closes; All Materials Must be EN71 & CONEG Compliant
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