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IMEX welcomes you on a tour of one of our factories in China. Our factories are located throughout China, from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Haifeng, Xingang, and zipper making facilities in Shanghai. In all, we have over 1,800 skilled workers employed to produce a wide range of vinyl bags.


While many companies have recently rushed to China to have products made, IMEX has been making packaging in Asia since 1974. Our mills & IMEX share excellent relationships that are rare in today’s market, having lasted over 48 years.


IMEX Office

Bags are assembled similar to any cut - and –sew operation, except most of our raw materials are integrated in our operations. This means we actually produce our own vinyl and zippers, reducing the time it takes to get your bags to Market.


When your order is placed, we will produce the vinyl film to the most economical size, cut it to the sizes required, and assemble. Assembly is either sewing, or our extensive number of heat-sealing machines. IMEX will help guide you on what method makes most sense for your packaging.


We have an extensive network of other raw materials, enabling us to source the finest materials, to assure you of the most distinctive packaging.


IMEX Office

Our samples are made in China. While we know this adds to the time to get your samples, it does assure you that your samples will match exactly what will be produced. Typically, we can get you your custom-made samples to you in 10 – 17 days, depending on complexity.


Our facilities are approved for most major retailers “Ethical Standard Audits”. For example, in order for IMEX to be an approved Wal-Mart supplier, we must pass their Ethical Standard Audits. This means we use paid, skilled workers, and a workplace that complies with most western standards. Our facilities are available to random inspections by these auditors, so you too can rest assured.

IMEX Office


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